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Malfoy enjoyed spending time with people who Harry, to put it mildly, still wasn't all that keen on, like Pansy Parkinson, Millicent Bulstrode and Blaise Zabini.

Malfoy rarely included Harry in his social gatherings with his three close friends.

Malfoy guessed correctly that Harry was curious about his sexuality.

He suggested that Harry should stop worrying about how the wizarding world would react if he didn't end up marrying the perfect woman and please himself by experimenting with other wizards.

if it's not that obvious from the "comments" then here's a list of all the pairings so far: draco/hermione, harry/ginny, neville/luna, blaise/pansy.

After the war, Harry often felt as though he were dating two people. He seemed to have a constant sneer plastered on his face.

Harry had a feeling that deep down, Malfoy still longed for his father's approval.

He was also certain that in a way, Malfoy would always be disappointed that he hadn't lived up to his father's expectations.

Somehow, Malfoy worked out fairly quickly that Harry was more attracted to wizards than he was to witches.

Sometimes, Harry felt as though Malfoy knew him better than he knew himself.

Malfoy understood things about Harry that even his closest friends hadn't picked up on.

Harry called Malfoy a snob, but secretly, he admired the way that his expensive robes flattered his body.

Malfoy still took pride in his pure-blood background, in spite of everything that had happened during the war. He always rolled his eyes at any mention of Hermione's successes at the Ministry of Magic, and he often complained when Harry asked him to accompany him on his visits to Ron and Hermione's house.In many ways, Harry knew that Malfoy still hated him.At first, he had glared at Harry from across the room during his family's trial at the Ministry of Magic and also from across the street in Diagon Alley, silently letting Harry know exactly how he felt.Malfoy understood that Harry wasn't as happy as he had once thought that he would be after the war.

He sighed and shook his head in disapproval when Pansy or. like Pansy Parkinson. After Harry's particularly nasty arguments with Malfoy, Draco always.… continue reading »

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Read Pansy Parkinson from the story Instagram. Draco Malfoy Pansy Parkinson Harry Potter. and draco & hermione just happen to be dating pairings; DM/HG.… continue reading »

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