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Dickies' new cut wasn't spurred by the nation's collectively growing waistline, but the new fit does respond to "more of the way men are shaped now," Russo said.

There's also a more "natural tilt" to the jean, featuring a lower front and higher incline in the back.

Read more: Spain's unemployed turn to dumpster diving Better chances in an election year The alliance's petition, listed as number 69466 on the German parliament's public petition website, calls for the "expiration of ownership of publicly accessible trash" to make dumpster diving exempt from punishment.

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I do it because I know there are people in need and who are waiting for me.” Marta’s project began several years ago, with a family that was about to lose everything because of a crisis in the economy. She said the eight families she now serves “always welcome me with open arms and with great decorum.” “They have never asked me for anything and they never waste anything: with the flour they make bread, with the milk they make some cheese.” Deacon Benito Cutelle of the Nativity of Our Lord Parish discovered Marta’s charitable outreach after noticing her digging through a dumpster.

Guerrero and Greenfield found piles of food discarded well before its suggested sell-by date, including baby formula, which was still good for another month, and grape juice, which was good for at least two months.“It’s outrageous and it's appalling,” Greenfield said.

To show how perfectly edible the food was to eat or drink, Guerrero and Greenfield snacked on items they pulled right out of the trash."So every single piece of food in here will be distributed to dozens of people in need," Greenfield said referring to all the good food they found in multiple CVS dumpsters.

.- After rummaging through supermarket dumpsters, 79-year-old Marta loads 90 pounds of edible food onto her bicycle every day. It’s shameful,” explained Marta, who is retired and lives with her husband in Casalborgone.

Three times a week she loads her car, and delivers the food to poor families in Casalborgone, a town about 20 miles from Turin. Facing regular stares or criticism from curious or suspicious onlookers, Marta told reporters “it doesn’t faze me.

"So when he moves in the jean, the jean will stay in place." Dickies says the new design will be incorporated into its line of pants by the spring.

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