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18-Mar-2017 22:38

Hundreds of cases were conducted by the End of Life Clinic.

The NVVE shows no signs of being satisfied even with these developments.

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For five years after the law became effective, such physician-induced deaths remained level - and even fell in some years.

Not even the review committees, despite hard and conscientious work, have been able to halt these developments.’Its spokesman James Harris said: ‘Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill will not legalise euthanasia, rather assisted dying for adults who are terminally ill and mentally competent, similar to legislation in Oregon which has been working safely for over 17 years and has never been extended beyond the criteria of terminal illness.’Elspeth Chowdharay-Best, honorary secretary of Alert, the anti-euthanasia pressure group, said legalising assisted suicide would be like ‘stepping off a precipice’.

‘It means that you would lose the right to live,’ she said.

The Utrecht University academic has been a member since 2005 of a review committee charged with monitoring euthanasia deaths.

Its role includes a duty to ‘tell doctors how their actions in particular cases are likely to stand up to legal, medical and ethical scrutiny’.‘Pressure from relatives, in combination with a patient’s concern for their wellbeing, is in some cases an important factor behind a euthanasia request.Is it because the law should have had better safeguards?Or is it because the mere existence of such a law is an invitation to see assisted suicide and euthanasia as a normality instead of a last resort?2013 saw a continuation of this trend and I expect the 6,000 line to be crossed this year or the next.