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Most of the additional material (bridging pages and panels) was incorporated into subsequent print collections and the online edition.In March 2003 it was announced that after 25 years of self-publication the Pinis had licensed all publishing and merchandising rights in the series to DC Comics, although the Pinis retained creative control.It is a fantasy story about a community of elves and other fictional species who struggle to survive and coexist on a primitive Earth-like planet with two moons.Several published volumes of prose fiction also share the same setting.The full-length novel Elf Quest: Journey to Sorrows End, which included both text and several black-and-white illustrated plates, was published by Playboy in 1982, and Berkley in March 1984.

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Marvel's license was only for the original series, which was already completed, so none of the sequels followed suit.The original series — generally referred to as "The Original Quest" or "OQ" — ran for 20 "magazine-size" issues (spanning about seven to eight years in terms of the main storyline), released tri-annually.Color compilations (published by the Donning Company under its Starblaze imprint as Books 1–4) followed.The music CD A Wolfrider's Reflections is an album of folk songs based on elements from the original quest.

Description Who DOESN'T want to date an elf girl. Instructions See in-game help for complete instructions. Free dating advice from the developer!… continue reading »

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Play Elf Girl Sim Date on FunnyGames.org! Try to get a date in the world of the Lord of the Rings. Become more powerful, learn and hit on the girls.… continue reading »

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Elf Sim Date II," often called "Elf Girl Sim Date," is a browser-based dating simulation game from EviLudy Entertainment and Armor Games. After you create a character you can set about to woo the various elven women in the surrounding area to make them fall in love with your character.… continue reading »

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Elf Sim Date. Elf Girl RPG dating simulator game. Meet several cute anime girls from Middle. Played 40785… continue reading »

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