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Most of the additional material (bridging pages and panels) was incorporated into subsequent print collections and the online edition.

The series has also served as the basis for three novelizations (Journey to Sorrow's End, The Quest Begins, and Captives of Blue Mountain) and five "Blood of Ten Chiefs" short story anthologies (some of which served as the basis of scripts in Blood of Ten Chiefs comic book series).DC's publication of Elfquest material began in July 2003 with The Elfquest 25th Anniversary Special, reprinting the first issue of Elfquest with new computer coloring and lettering by Wendy Pini, and two short interviews with the Pinis.This was a teaser for The Elfquest Archives, hardcover color compilation volumes which began in November 2003.Towards the end of their runs, in the mid-1990s, most of these titles reverted to black and white in North America, though some were published in color in Europe.

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In large part as a response to the shrinking direct market in the mid-1990s, continuing storylines were collapsed together into a single 64-page anthology series introduced by the one shot Metamorphosis.

Elfquest was one of the first comic book series to have a planned conclusion.