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[email protected]– Signed on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 at (EDT) Atlanta, Georgia, USAHi everyone. Has anybody heard from Yuri W., Seth Johnson, or Ngam? I am now an athletic trainer and teacher (teaching Sports Medicine) at Ft.

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) has made me a little sentimental/curious about everyone from high school. After graduating I attended USC and Cornerstone University (in Michigan) for about 2 1/2 years.

The former Göppingen Lord Mayor and honorary citizen of the city, Hans Haller, saw the high-ranking visitor as a testament to the trust and friendship that had grown and been upheld over the years between the two countries. The relationships we build during more than 1,000 theater security cooperation events in more than 40 countries each year lead directly to support for multinational contingency operations around the world, strengthen regional partnerships and enhance global security.

The speeches at the opening ceremony focused especially on the steady multinational bond between the U. The German-American bond is of great importance for the whole world and has been a constant for all the years, Hodges stated. Army Europe is uniquely positioned in its 51 country area of responsibility to advance American strategic interests in Europe and Eurasia.

I was married August 2000 and have the most precious 8 month old son "Hayden Scott". If many of you remember my mother Fran Hunter "mamafran" she is doing wonderful, she is actually keeping my son for me during the days while I work fulltime. Mill / South Carolina, USAWell I have been in school for what seems like forever.

I would love to hear from anyone and catch up since the BL days. I thank God for the opportunity I had 1996-1998 to teach at Ben Lippen and give a bit back to a very special place.

Only I don't exactly see it as giving up because I wasn't satisfied. I then did what I had been interested in for a long time, but never encouraged to do by my parents - went to beauty school!

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This Guestbook is for Ben Lippen School Alumni to post updates for classmates to see. Europe and Hawai'i; finally ended up with a BA in Biblical Studies which I conclude has not served my vocational endeavors as much as it has elucidated the common thread from which I find my way. Advanced Door Systems, Inc.… continue reading »

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Jul 7, 2017. Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, commander U. S. Army Europe, together with thousands of visitors gathered at the Stauferpark in Göppingen, Germany on July 2, 2017 to. The Stauferpark, formerly U. S. Cooke Barracks, holds great economic value for Göppingen, as it has created 1,500 jobs in the area and therefore.… continue reading »

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