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12-Mar-2017 15:23

According to the order, when a new regulation is disseminated, at least two existing regulations should be identified for removal "and that the cost of planned regulations be prudently managed and controlled through a budgeting process." It says that for fiscal year 2017, "the total incremental cost of all new regulations, including repealed regulations, to be finalized this year shall be no greater than zero."This order immediately affects the administration's departments and agencies.However, Trump says it will help small businesses get back on track by reducing the number of regulatory hurdles a start-up has to jump to get off the ground.Trump hopes to replace it with his own administration's health care law.All of that means this executive order's implications are unknown.It's unclear where the funds for building the wall will come from.Congress would need to approve any new funding for both the wall.More officers would also probably mean more deportations of undocumented immigrants.

He needs Congress to approve any new spending bill, but this order could help expedite certain projects.Some of the land is privately owned, which could prove another hurdle.But it could potentially bring more jobs and a financial injection to the economy of the border regions once construction begins and with the introduction of more border agents.This is the "extreme vetting" Trump promised during the campaign, but caught the world by surprise.

Jan 26, 2017. Once executive orders are signed, they are automatically numbered and published in the federal register the US government daily journal, at which point. As soon as practicable, and by no later than one year after the date of this order, the Secretary shall issue guidance and promulgate regulations.… continue reading »

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Feb 10, 2017. President Donald Trump's flurry of executive actions — 12 orders and 11 memoranda since taking office — outline his strategy to build a border wall, restrict immigration, fight terrorism and more. But these orders aren't inviolable, as seen Feb. 3 when U. S. District Judge James Robart temporarily blocked.… continue reading »

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