Firebird psql updating

12-Feb-2017 09:56

My SQL is typically used as a server for local and remote clients, but the distribution also includes an embedded My SQL server library, which makes it possible to run a My SQL server inside a client application.

My SQL supports multiple table types, which makes it a very flexible tool: users can choose between My ISAM tables, which support full-text search, and Inno DB tables, which support transactions at the level of individual records.

The database forked from Borland’s open-source edition of Inter Base in 2000, but since Firebird 1.5 the code has been largely rewritten.

Thanks to the open architecture and GPL-licensing, new types are regularly added to My SQL.

So, it is My SQL that the following example is taken from: function because such an optimization does not affect the program’s behavior from the viewpoint of the C/C language.

For more information about this issue, see the article “Safe Clearing of Private Data”.

Sure, some of them might be interesting, but it’s better to ignore them when you write articles and when you are only getting started with static analysis.

This review is not a full-fledged comparison, as such a comparison would be too tedious for many reasons.Today’s article is somewhat unusual, if only because instead of reviewing one project, we’ll be comparing three projects at once, looking for the one with the most interesting bugs and — which is of particular interest — the one with the highest code quality.The projects we are going to review are Firebird, My SQL, and Postgre SQL. Firebird (Firebird SQL) is an open-source SQL relational database management system that runs on Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and a variety of Unix.If you want to upgrade the version of software currently installed on your PC, you can download an archive containing an executable file only instead of the full distribution package.

Adminer formerly phpMinAdmin is a full-featured database management tool written in PHP. Conversely to phpMyAdmin, it consist of a single file ready to deploy to the target server. Adminer is available for MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL, Oracle, Firebird, SimpleDB, Elasticsearch and MongoDB.… continue reading »

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Firebird SQL Reference Guide The complete reference of all SQL keywords and commands supported by Firebird Members of the Firebird Documentation project… continue reading »

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If the dataset to be opened has no fields that uniquely identify a record, this problem can be solved with Oracle, Firebird 2.0, PostgreSQL, and SQLite servers by the server means. With the Oracle and SQLite servers you should add the RowID column to your query. With Firebird 2.0 - DB_KEY. With PostgreSQL server OID.… continue reading »

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UPDATE. RETURNING. The Firebird and Postgres databases support a RETURNING clause on their UPDATE statements, similar as the RETURNING clause in INSERT statements. This is useful to fetch trigger-generated values in one go. An example is given here -- Fetch a trigger-generated value UPDATE BOOK SET.… continue reading »

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