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30-Mar-2017 11:42

This is due to the fact that Share Point automatically wires some extra bits (shown below) when the field is added.

At least in my testing when we create a list definition this isn’t all wired up correctly and the following steps were required.

I’ve also added in some additional error handling so we get informative messages if the metadata service and/or term set does not exist.

Below is a full example of the script we use to set the default value of a Lookup field based on an ID stored in the querystring.

You’ll notice that setting a Lookup field is a bit more complicated than some other field types.

_sp Body On Load Function Names In most cases Share Point pages are based on a master page that contains the “body” element.

These content pages can’t directly add a function to the body’s onload event.Sometimes, though, you may want the form to fill with default values based on the user’s interaction with the previous page, and that’s exactly where this method comes in. In short, we add some Javascript to the page that runs when the body is loaded.This Javascript parses the page’s query string, locates the HTML objects that are rendered by the relevant Share Point fields, and sets their value based on the information in the query string.It takes the following parameters: fill Default Values Now that we have the HTML elements that we want to set, we need the values with which to set them.

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