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Eventually, he helped investigators break a major international ring of pedophiles, based in Russia, leading to a series of crackdowns that is expected to continue shortly in the United States. Customs agents have already secretly executed search warrants on several targets of the investigation, who are alleged to be customers of a Moscow Web site called Blue Orchid.

Sources told NEWSWEEK that the American targets of the Blue Orchid investigation may be involved in trading photos with other pedophiles.

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Other people will dismiss the problem as one of lone perverts trading dirty pictures."In the beginning, it was photos of nude children," he says."But progressively, I began to discover tortures." Various clues led his mouse around the globe--to sites and peddlers of child porn in Russia, Europe, America. government plans to announce a wide sweep against alleged consumers of child pornography in more than a dozen cities across the country.Fifteen or 20 years ago, law-enforcement officers in the United States figured they had child pornography under control.

They cracked down on peddlers and buyers--who were using overland mail and neighborhood photo labs--to such an extent that it was hard for pedophiles to find and interact with one another.Inside, overhanging the pews and altar, is a garish modern painting portraying the seven deadly sins.A group of children has gathered in a small wooden alcove for a Bible class.The neighboring buildings, chipped and peeling, have empty holes for windows.