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How long has it been since she's been crossing paths with them?

How long has she been at this super villainy shtick?

She honestly didn't want any part in it, but her uncle 'persuaded' her into serving alongside him in his ventures. "Hmm, now I think about it I don't think I've ever had a 'first kiss', I spent too much time with the dark arts and that Levin boy wouldn't even count since I was just using him against 'her'." She looked at the orb and noticed Ben taking off his shirt in a sweat as he continued practicing some judo moves.

"I may be crazy for even thinking this, but maybe it's time I have some fun of my own, not as a super villain, I'll just a simple girl looking for a 'fun night'." She said to herself as she glowed bright violet and changed her nightwear into her usual sorceress attire via magic. Oh who am I kidding, you have nothing better to do." She said to her golem bodyguards as she opened a portal and disappeared leaving two clueless rock monsters behind.

Brushing her long elegant hair with a comb she continued switching the orb's viewing channels to something else each second like channel surfing until she stopped at one viewing spot in particular.

She didn't know why she did but something caught her attention and she got off her chair to take a closer look at it.

The same thing was done to the other hand and as it was brought behind him it tied together both wrists in a pair of energy handcuffs. To say Ben was shocked and stupefied was an understatement, he flat out was too surprised to even move a muscle.

Within the orb there was live projection of one teenage boy she couldn't bring herself to forget. Huh." She said flicking her fingers to increase the zoom on the globe, he was practicing martial arts in some random public gym against a sand bag wearing only his black shirt and jeans.