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Crown courts hear serious indictable offences such as robbery, rape and murder.A judge has overall responsibility for the court with a jury of twelve people providing the verdict.To improve efficiency the report recommended its replacement with a nationally administered court and the Courts Act 1971 incorporated most of the recommendations.As a result, a higher criminal court known as the Crown Court of the Supreme Court of Judicature replaced the assizes and quarter sessions in 1972.The ’72’ denotes the year, in this case 1972, and the 1717 denotes the 1717th case heard by the Crown court that year.

Crown and magistrates’ courts replaced the assize and quarter sessions courts in 1971.It does not cover civil court records such as those created by the tribunals service (which deals with cases of, for example, child support and social security), county courts (civil litigation) or the civil division of the High Court and the Court of Appeal.For more detailed advice on records of the Central Criminal Court (the Crown Court in the City of London) see our guide to Trials in the Old Bailey and the Central Criminal Court.Contact details for the Crown courts can be found from the HM Courts and Tribunals Service website.

To find out whether we hold the records for a particular Crown court, click on the respective link in the table in section 7.

Not all individual case files are kept permanently.