Greek fraternity dating

11-Nov-2017 10:27

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Both SAE and ASA have been on the same Greek week team for the past couple years now, so my boyfriend and I have had the opportunity to work together to help our other Greek organizations on our team win (and we won this year!

) We even get to support each other’s organizations to raise money and such, and it’s ultimately a great time.

I have been dating my boyfriend for a while, and it has been so much fun dating a fraternity man.

I thought about some of the perks and “quirks” that I have noticed about dating a guy in a fraternity, and I thought it would be kind to share.

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SAE’s Creed is called “The True Gentleman,” so all of their brothers are already the Truest Gentlemen ever, but no matter what fraternity, if you’re dating a fraternity man, you know he can be a real gentleman.Another cool thing is you get to have “social gatherings” with him and his brothers occasionally (or frequently or more like every weekend) and some of his brothers (especially the alumni) will look at you with him and praise him for finding a good girl.I have been flattered more than once by the SAE alumni as my boyfriend’s “girl,” and it’s nice because it makes me feel happy that all of his brothers think so highly of me as his girlfriend.My boyfriend is in the National fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

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I am also in a National Sorority (Alpha Sigma Alpha), so it’s pretty awesome that we are both in National Greek organizations.If we both have chapter, fraternity/sorority events or even just want to hang out for fun with our brothers or sisters, we both totally get it.We usually tell each other “OK, cool, just text me when you’re done” or “OK, have fun, I’ll see or talk to you later.” We both made pledges to our organizations, and with that pledge comes tons of responsibilities and time that we then have to devote to doing things with and for our organizations. Sometimes with having to do Greek things we get to do them together, like with Greek week.Brothers in his fraternity would go “Oh, you’re so-and-so and you’re dating my brother so-and-so. ” And what’s also cool is that his brothers will most likely try to get to know you better.