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22-Mar-2017 19:38

However if you try to watch the opening cinematic after starting a new game it will freeze at a black screen after it zooms in on the castle.So press Start as soon as you can to skip it.3.00 - 3.41: Works, but earlier versions have poorer sound quality.By 2PSSLPS-00222: Freezes when man in gun shop speaks (funnily enough, straight after he says freeze! If you use the default Game ID it will freeze after the "Chapter 1" screen. When you do use one of these game IDs you'll sometimes notice a little slowdown or some stuttering in voices, but at least the game works.3.52 and below: Use Game ID SLPS-01156, SLPS-01724, or SLPS-01222.3.71 and 3.72: Game ID SLPS-01156 and SLPS-01724 will work.3.90: Only Game ID SLPS-01156 will work.Also the slowdown and stuttering in voices is slightly better.Update by Gamerby Design: Everything works perfectly, including the voices. Update 2 by Gamerby Design: On the PSP Slim when you switch to the shotgun and try to shoot the game freezes and the PSP shuts down.

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With Game ID SCUS-94640 it wont freeze on character status or the first boss Mama Komodo!After the Capcom logo you will get a blank white screen.The opening FMV can be heard playing, but the white screen remains and the game doesn't respond to button input.i am using original the actual game id and i have both discs in one eboot.

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