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21-Jun-2017 04:34

I’m so sad every time a parent contacts me, because their child was given the DPT or DTa P vaccine (Diphtheria, Tetanus, & Pertussis) after a visit to the ER for stepping on a nail or anything that resembles a cut, scrape, or puncture wound.Just recently a very good friend contacted me in the middle of the night.As for outrage, I am frankly amazed that the various armed lunatics at large in America are so busy shooting up schools when many more people are actually being harmed, indeed ruined, by the health care “industry” and the banks.If you have a theory about all this, please offer it up in the Comments department.And this is my hypothetical question that I have always wanted answered: Why is it ok to give a child the tetanus vaccine (in the form of DTa P) at, say, their 1 year “well baby” visit, but only 2 weeks later, when they unexpectedly end up in the ER with an open would, the child is automatically given another tetanus booster (in the form of another DTa P)? One of the Thinking Moms (Tex) was interviewed on a radio show called: “Vaccine Myths” “Where are all the rusty nails?

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Now I am, going to reveal to you why it is so difficult to get a live human being on the telephone at these important places: because the more of a racketeering matrix medicine becomes, the more it seeks to evade responsibility for the consequences.

She was so concerned over her young son receiving DTa P in the hospital that night. I know many families that don’t vaccinate, but they are still very fearful about tetanus and say that they might probably choose the tetanus vaccine if their child happened to step on a rusty nail. Most parents want to know why a child just can’t receive a tetanus vaccine?

They didn’t want him to receive the 3 in 1 shot, but they were scared about tetanus, because he had stepped on a nail that day. Why do they have to receive diphtheria and pertussis too? Does stepping on a rusty nail really warrant a tetanus vaccine? I love one of the recent status on The Thinking Moms Revolution site the other day.

We just don’t want to hear about it, and our related infatuation with feel-good public relations bullshit spews a fog of concealment over it.

We apparently like being deceived and don’t mind being tortured.

After a while, the added privilege of companies being able to evade responsibility for their actions hugely outweighed the cost-saving advantage of firing some lower level employees.