I gave dating a chance

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It is often a follow what he said; he'll squirm the meaning if he can, but if he gave some Impossible Task for you to follow and you somehow did, he will begrudgingly follow through.There are exceptions to this, but if someone is dealing with a literal devil, the deal can be expected to be honored.The Blue Blood, particularly the Officer and a Gentleman, is prone to this.Indeed, he may say, "I give my word as a gentleman." More elaborate formulas are possible.The princess reached down, threw her arms round Curdie's neck, and kissed him on the mouth, saying: "There, Curdie! " offense that someone says that you could do something that you promised not to, or refrain from something you promised to do — or actually tries to do something you had promised would not happen.

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However, in these situations, even the most honorable character often insists on Exact Words.

Bolt of Divine Retribution is not unknown as punishment.

Conversely, some characters, particularly in settings where honor is held highly, will consider any kind of statement, no matter how casual, as binding.

On the other hand, a reputation for trustworthiness makes it easier to get people to listen to you, possibly getting you out of a Mexican Standoff, Hostage Situation, or other situation that cannot be resolved by brute force.

On the third hand, when getting someone's word, beware of Exact Words.

I don't want you to scold Lootie, but I want you to tell her that a princessdo as she promises." "Indeed she must, my child—except it be wrong," said the king.