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If “ Ken Kirzinger is the largest man in a long line of man-mountains to play Jason, and being the most physically intimidating of the Jason’s, Ken has the most metal story. But here’s the awesome part, it happened during a scene in which Jason confronts Freddy Kreuger in a burning cabin and Ken, being a badass first and a professional second, didn’t even flinch when he set ablaze.

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But what of the men who’ve worn the trademark mask?

When it came time to film a scene, Hoffman led by doing and expected his young co-star to rise to his level.

PHOTOS: Philip Seymour Hoffman's Career in Pictures "Philip was very forward with me, in a school-of-hard-knocks way," Fugit explains in a first-person essay in Tuesday's .

, the movie's young star Patrick Fugit recalls.

Fugit, who played aspiring rock journalist William Miller, said he was initially intimidated by Hoffman's method approach to his character, which made him seem standoffish to others on the set.It was like he was seeing the beginning of something, like the beginning of my career.He smiled and nodded to reassure me that I was doing a good job. I calmed down, but was a little confused, ' Does he like what I’m doing?' A lot of what I remember about him was that little quick moment there, like he was looking back to that time when he was in the beginning of his career, the overwhelming nature of it all." Although Hoffman was his role model on the set, Fugit said he didn't try to stay in touch with his idol, but he hoped he'd get the chance to work with the legendary actor once more.

Feb 22, 2017. In La La Land, Emma Stone's character is confronted with a terrifying sight. Every time she walks into an audition, she's surrounded by an intimidating array of other redheads, all waiting to read for the same role. It's a plight many working actors can relate to; there are few other professions where you get.… continue reading »

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Feb 4, 2014. The young star of Cameron Crowe's 2000 film recalls what he learned by working with the "intimidating" actor, who was found dead on Sunday.… continue reading »

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Jan 9, 2015. Whereas most of the actors on this list tried to sound evil, as the artificial intelligence in Stanley Kubrick's scifi masterpiece, Rain instead removed all emotion from his. Even 30 years later, he makes all the bad guys' voices of the Lord of the Rings movies sound as intimidating as girl scouts in comparison.… continue reading »

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