Intimidating basketball sayings

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See what we're doing next with the Game Day Chants pages. Follow us on Twitter for the most frequently used form of communication from us! " This is probably the most difficult thing we do, and it is still very simple. "As Rowdy Rams, we strive to create a fun and energetic atmosphere while keeping the student section fairly classy.

Check out the Chants page to learn how we do things! (Side note: don't do anything that will get us a technical foul or kicked out of the game. Do not throw anything onto the court.)With about a minute to play, if the game is well in hand (more than a 10 point lead), it has become tradition for students to pull out their keys and shake them in the air (to signal "warm up the bus" or "drive home safely"). (The road connects our two campuses)George Mason, Drexel: 95 North! When we aren't feeling that creative, we also use "Thank you for making the trip!

If you see a missed dunk or lay-up by the opponent, point and laugh... This is true for both pre-game and half-time warm-ups.

It is tradition for the student sections to turn their backs to the court during player intros. New in 2011, we began using our War Chant for pre-tip off We're always doing something on defense. We get completely silent with our arms raised up like a touchdown signal.

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Jan 16 “Fix the small problems and the big problems correct themselves.” Jan 17 “Don’t leave the court on a miss.

You don’t stay the same, so we have to use every practice and workout to get better.” Jan 20 “Hesitate and you’re beat.” Jan 21 “Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.” Napoleon Hill Jan 22 “Go hard on every play because it could be the play that makes the difference in the game.” Jan 23 “An excuse is the easiest thing in the world to make.” Jan 24 “Coaches don’t want excuses, they want results.” Jan 25 “It’s not about how many times you get the ball each game that matters, it’s what you do when you do get the ball that is important.” Jan 26 “If you have to rest, rest on offense.

Use all of your energy on defense.” Jan 27 “In every crisis lies opportunity.” Jan 28 “The game doesn’t teach character, it reveals it.” Jan 29 “Games typically come down to five plays.

Other schools use news papers/magazines to show their disinterest in the opponent, this is our method! What we're trying to do is be loud and disrupt the opponent's play calling, while intimidating them. When the sign at the bottom of your section is held up, you yell which ever word is on it. On occasion, we also do the same type chant, but with 'Black! If the shot is made, you drop your arms and shout "WHOOSH!

(Don't forget to turn back around when they're over! We generally do this by yelling "OOOOHHHHHHHH" or "DEEEEEEEFFFEEEEENNNSSSEEE" (DEFENSE) and jumping around, some even wave shirts/towels. The east and west go back and forth and the effect is a fun GO! #Lets Go VCU #Rowdy Rams #Make It Real Every time the opponent enters/exits the arena, we boo loudly in their general direction. We try to dig up info on the opponents and heckle them, get in their heads, and throw them off their game. (disclaimer: sometimes emotions get the best of everyone, just remember that you are representing your university, and the things you say reflect on everyone at VCU.)Questions, Comments or Chant Ideas may be sent to [email protected] GO RAMS!!!! As the opponent warms up, we heckle them, especially when they miss lay-ups or dunks. Being passionate about something we just need that single push, that small encouragement.

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Oct 29, 2014. So Here's a guide to phrases to say during pickup basketball, along with the NBA spirit players. ♢♢♢. Blocking a shot is the third-most primal, most manly, most intimidating thing you can do on a basketball court, short of obliterating someone on a dunk and the master class in flagrant fouls we see here.… continue reading »

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