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She has two fathers and she has no idea who her biological father is, and since she’s given equal parental love from both the men, she has no intention of ever wanting to know who her real father is. Crushes come and go, and even if it does turn serious, you always have the option of walking away from a new prospective lover if you must. Love is complicated, and it’s easier to be in love with one person, whoever you may pick.

While such forms of love are commonly accepted without any psychological effects in some scenarios, it can lead to confusing relationships in other cases over the long term. Pick two and you’ve just doubled your complications.

But that being said, it’s not really easy to fall in love with two people at the same time.

It’s always easier to fall for someone else when you’re already in a later stage of love with your present partner.

You like someone a lot, you find them attractive, and you’re sexually excited to be with them, and bam! It’s ridiculous to assume you can’t fall in love with two people.

Many teenagers and even lovers in committed relationships feel threatened when they find themselves in love with two people. You really don’t love your partner any less just because you find yourself falling in love with someone new.

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And almost always, they assume the new lover is sexier, more loving and more caring. Remember, sexual passion may fizzle out as the years go by, but true love matures into a happy relationship.

Have you ever found yourself falling for someone when you’re already in a committed relationship?

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