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And Gemini host George Stroumboulopoulos totally killed it… In person, Kristin Kreuk is, like, otherworldly beautiful. a modern manifestation of Narcissus – if I looked like that, my eyes would never leave my own face either. More gossip from the Geminis to come later including the clothes. "In just a matter of weeks, we went from being just another generic ensemble cast of any old prime-time drama to being…," she says."I don't think any of us were prepared for the stardom that was thrust upon us in this way.And barefoot, as she makes history at the Canadian Screen Awards, winning three different CSAs, one for Best Actress – Film for The Other Half, acting in Orphan Black (her fourth statue in a row for the role), and another for producing the show. Still, it didn’t seem like she was expecting to go three for three.Full Story I’ve been waiting all day to write about the Canadian Screen Awards to see if the photos would come down in cost…and they haven’t. So he walked out of the office, called Aaron Spelling, and said, “Mr. Priestley flew to New York with Doherty to do promotional press for the first season of the show when on the plane ride over, she tells the PR handler, “Really? You send a town car to take me to the airport, not a limo?Spelling, I don’t know who this guy is who you have as our producer here on the stages, but you need to get rid of him.” The guy was fired within a day. ” When he tried to josh around with her, she snapped at him, “Stop talking. Yes, everyone on the cast of 90210 was sleeping together, but no, he won’t actually say who slept with whom.

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The idea worked, but Garth says she and her castmates were not prepared for the sudden stardom.Which is why there are so few of them here and I’m sorry I can’t afford anymore. To me, if the agencies could make the shots more available, perhaps we could widen the coverage. "It was clear that only seasoned actors were going to be considered for this project, but Mr.

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Showbiz, who had a long and profitable relationship with Spelling's team…persisted, and somehow managed to finable a meeting for me with Mr.

Thank God we had one another, because we were able to protect each other from the harm this kind of sudden fame can bring with it by staying close and huddling up and focusing on getting the job done…And it bonded us for life." 3.