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) and just “[tear] up the greater Tucson area." In the morning, the three of them would “wildly applaud” the women doing the walk of shame when they left the rooms of the cast and crew. One of his biggest regrets was not renewing his contract to stay on 90210.He told Aaron Spelling the news while the TV mogul was bedridden following double-hernia surgery.Just sit here for the rest of the flight and be quiet.” 4. In order to get away from his nice-guy character Brandon Walsh, Priestley would smoke and get drunk during every press interview. Priestley simply writes, “Of course various combinations of people slept with each other over the years.When Shannen Doherty got hitched to Ashley Hamilton after a few weeks of dating, the crew had a pool going for how long the marriage would last. If you were in that situation, trust me, you would have done it, too.” Maybe they should have had a behind the scenes show called Real World: The Lost Years.Jason Priestley’s new memoir, Jason Priestley: A Memoir, hit bookstores last week and is as charmingly oblivious as the title suggests.First off, we have to hand it to the guy, because he works really hard.Full Story There’s a lot of television promotion happening right now around the TCA press tour. You cannot expect that I wouldn’t write about this. Jason Priestley was photographed yesterday in Toluca Lake and from this distance, underneath those shades, he could still be Brandon Walsh. Jason is returning to television soon having just booked a guest-starring role on the new series Scoundrels on ABC. My love and thanks as always to the Holmes Team for always making work weekends so memorable.

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Showbiz did his thing and sent over head shots, and we heard pretty quickly that these had been thrown out, likely before they'd ever even reached the casting directors," she writes.

This isn't a disastrous tell-all along the lines of Dustin Diamond's Behind the Bell, but there are still some juicy tidbits, and yes, a lot of them have to do with the awfulness of Shannen Doherty. When he arrived on set for , the lead actress had just jumped off a balcony and broken both of her legs.