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The Russian archaeologist Viktor Sarianidi (1929-2013) discovered the remnants of the Oxus civilisation during excavations near the Oxus River (Amu Darya) in 1976, and was the source for the claim that traces of cannabis were found in pottery stored in rooms apparently intended for purposes of ritual worship.It is thought that the religion of the civilisation was a form of fire-worship that later developed into Zoroastrianism, the official religion of the Persian Empire.His successor, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, is ostensibly democratically elected, although there are widespread accusations that the last election in 2012 was a sham.Although Turkmenistan has relaxed its stringent policies to some extent since 2006, it is still impossible to enter the country without prior approval from the government, and both foreign and domestic researchers are restricted heavily.In China, there are archaeological records dating to 10,000 BCE of hemp textile impressions used for decorative purposes on earthenware pottery, and several more recent examples.

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There is very little evidence available of either cultivated or wild cannabis in Turkmenistan, due in part to the nation’s notoriously closeted approach to international cooperation since the establishment of the bizarre and repressive regime of ‘President for Life’ Saparmurat Niyazov—who ruled from 1985 until his death in 2006, at first as leader of the Turkmen SSR and on the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Türkmenbasy (‘Leader of the Turkmen’) of the newly independent Turkmenistan.After 800 BCE, there is a marked increase in documented cultural exchange between China and the nomadic Central Asian tribes, evidenced in weaponry, art, and fashion—Scythian-style bows and gold jewellery began to appear in China, and Chinese agricultural practices and dress styles were adopted by the Scythians.It is thought that is was at this point that Scythian use of cannabis began to develop in earnest.Furthermore, the identification of the seed impressions as being hemp has also been disputed, with some arguing that they are too small.

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