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"I learned that I have to control the message that comes from everything I do, so that it stays true to me. I've had people in my company come up to my business partner or to me and say, 'Why did so-and-so get that title?The only time I have ever had problems professionally is when someone else got hold of the messaging and put my face on it. You learn from it and move on." Part of taking responsibility is communicating what you need and want from those around you, whether it's a promotion or for your spouse to stop bringing home the ice cream you can't resist: "Nobody wants to ask for things. ' Well, so-and-so asked for it."BOTTOM LINE: You control your destiny."Uninformed or misinformed action, impulsive or emotional action — it's like taking a wrecking ball to your life," Jillian says. They've done it for themselves, helped other people do it, and have a track record." Jillian looks to the strategies of female "superachievers" to find inspiration: "I study Oprah, Diane Sawyer, Madeleine Albright, Eleanor Roosevelt. "I said, 'Never go below 1,200 [a day].' The woman freaked out because Bob [Harper, another trainer and Jillian's friend] had written something that [recommended eating] 800 calories," she says. Below, break it down into specific monthly, weekly or even daily goals, using the strategies you chose when doing your "homework." This approach takes something overwhelming and makes it manageable. Start by moving the carpool schedule so you can make four workouts a week and have time to shop for healthy food."The pyramid also builds in opportunities for mini achievements. You have more control over your life than it may seem."This is where you take your rock-solid information and apply the reality of your situation and personality. "Accept that yes, bad stuff happens and there are times when we are victims — it's how you respond and move forward that matters," Jillian says.Maybe you have a relationship with some issues, but don't want to rock the boat.Yet if you don't work out those kinks, it could destroy the relationship."Each of these scenarios played out when Jillian returned to for seasons 14 and 15: "A friend had taken over the show and everything went well — the best it had ever functioned.K., launching a Kmart clothing line and exploring a return to TV. The real Jillian, who instantly comes off as open, funny, empathetic and warm, says she's nothing like harsh, shrill Jillian, although unfortunately that perception persists.Between sips of espresso, Jillian scrolls her i Phone and rattles off the day's schedule, which is packed with meetings, a business dinner, a three-mile run and an appointment with her shrink. "I recently had a meeting with a television executive who asked if people hire me just to scream at them.

"People who become successful in spite of [challenges] usually have a person who really loved them and believed in them.

For me, it was my mom." In fact, Jo Ann did a lot more to help shape her daughter's path in life.

Jillian Michaels is a reality-show guru who has developed her own platforms. Losing It With Jillian. but has stated that she is open to dating both men and.… continue reading »

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As Not Seen on TV The Softer Side of Jillian Michaels. 'God, I keep dating these guys who aren't into me,' or you can turn those experiences into wisdom and power.… continue reading »

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