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But after one season, he left, and that's when everything went wrong again.

I thought I could change things, that they were going to value me, listen to me and make me a producer, but it went back to 'Be a good little soldier.' " Of course, Jillian recovered — and gleaned new wisdom from the experience: "[Going back] was a mistake. And I learned a valuable lesson about my own self-worth."BOTTOM LINE: Face down your fears and try taking a leap of faith. "We all engage in destructive patterns," Jillian says, referring to certain behaviors or ways of thinking.

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The only time I have ever had problems professionally is when someone else got hold of the messaging and put my face on it. You learn from it and move on." Part of taking responsibility is communicating what you need and want from those around you, whether it's a promotion or for your spouse to stop bringing home the ice cream you can't resist: "Nobody wants to ask for things. ' Well, so-and-so asked for it."BOTTOM LINE: You control your destiny.

At a Starbucks not far from her home in Malibu, CA, she's stuck behind a slowpoke ordering coffee.