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08-Feb-2017 22:30

Kalki and Huma worked in a film together soon after the rumors began and even did several interviews together to promote the film, and the rumors died a natural death.But very few people knew that was actually trouble in paradise, but for many other reasons.Here's looking at how this Bollywood couple's relationship went from courtship to divorce.The Love Story Anurag met Kalki when he was directing her in "Dev D" in 2008.We have already applied for divorce and will get it soon," said Kalki.The two had always been open about their relationship.Kalki confirmed the news in an interview to a daily. Last year was a little bit more of a struggle, as I didn’t know where I was going.I wasn’t sure where my relationship with Anurag was going. Now, we are pretty clear that we are not going to be together.

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The Wedding They married on April 20 in a private ceremony in Ooty.I could see it affect him in everything in his life, be it his work or our relationship.Twitter is just an example, but it could be anyone commenting.You don't have to argue with every banda on twitter.

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But he would get sucked into it and waste his energy on that and that would frustrate me.

Anurag also had the tendency to get angry about very small things and that over time started affecting his relationship with his wife.

Anurag Kashyap, who was earlier married twice to Aarti Bhajaj and actor Kalki Koechlin, is currently dating 23-year-old Shubhra Shetty who is an assistant director at his production company, Phantom.… continue reading »

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Kalki Koechlin and Anurag Kashyap happily married together. The two got divorced because of Anurag’s alcoholism and soon Kalki and he began dating.… continue reading »

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Kalki Koechlin opened up about marrying once again and her answer will leave you baffled.… continue reading »

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Kalki Koechlin and Jim Sarbh might be dating. Kalki Koechlin and Jim Sarbh might be dating. News; ENTERTAINMENT;. Kalki Koechlin Starts Living in with Jim Sarbh.… continue reading »

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