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At this place there were many Indians, for it seemed this was their only crossing in that section. We packed the gold out to a settlement where there was a large lake." '(Spanish Fork only outside settlement at that time)'."The Indians watched us while the men were mining so we moved down to the mine. When we came back to our camp at the mine, the Indian in a battle had killed all our companions. There were also a number of dead Indians showing there had been a fierce battle.""We pulled and piled the bodies of our dead companions, also the Indians into the sloping tunnel of the mine and covered them with brush and rocks.After crossing this river, we came to a black canyon. After getting into the canyon, we followed it to higher parts where we discovered a large cave and decided to camp here for a time."While living there we found and worked a very rich gold mine. We hurriedly left the country and brought sufficient gold with us to last until this day.""In looking over the territory, Mr.Wolverton had little money, but he was confident the mine would pay good dividends eventually and he didn't want to divide profits with stockholders.So he decided to operate alone,with the help of two sons.The cannon was cast in Seville, Spain in October of 1776 and was found near the mountain valley town of Kamas, Utah.

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One from March 12, 1896, of the Park Record, reads as follows:" A gentleman just in from Ashley says that the officers at Ft.When he was released the recipient of the bandit's confessionn went with others to the place he hoped to find the gold. Faded Footprints The Lost Rhoads Mines and other hidden treasures of Utah's killer mountains, by George A. That small cannon found contains roman numerals, dating the bronze piece to 1517.Aided by a considerable number of friends, he bossed the job of literally digging up acres of land. Other cannons have also been found, including a full-size cannon currently on display at the National Guard Armory at 1300 South in Salt Lake City.Duchesne, under pretence of hunting bear, got out on snowshoes, and instead of looking for bruin, thoroughly prospected the gold ledges embraced in the Uintah reservation, bringing back with them samples of quartz that is fairly lousy with gold.