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Super-defensive for no real reason, she creates a war-zone in the flat, and they eventually agree to be ruthlessly honest with each other.

If they're going to be trapped together, they might as well learn something useful.

Continue reading: Rapper Kid Cudi Passes Out During Performance At North Coast Festival Kid Cudi was involved in a very scary incident on Saturday (Aug 30th) as he was headlining Chicago's North Coast Music Festival in an hour-long set.

While the 30 year-old recording artist was performing one of his hit tracks, he suddenly lost consciousness and collapsed.

Just a tiny hint of self-awareness goes a long way in these kinds of movies.

Our hero is Toby (Paul), a super-talented driver and mechanic stuck in small-town New York while his high school rival Dino (Cooper) makes millions on the racing circuit.

So while the plot and characters are simplistic and artificial, at least there's some charisma on the screen to keep us entertained.

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Arguably California's most eagerly anticipated event of the year, Coachella settles at the Empire Polo Club in Indio once again for the fifteenth year running between April 11th and 13th on the first weekend and April 18th and 20th on the second.There's never a question of where this is heading, although the script makes Megan such an angry shrew that we really don't like her at all for much of the film.She only calms down when Alec produces some weed (a misogynistic plot point), and as they finally begin to communicate Tipton and Teller are able to inject an enjoyable mixture of intelligence and wit into their rambling conversation.But things take a dark turn when Dino leaves Toby to take the fall for manslaughter.