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11-Jun-2017 14:12

The guy knows it, the girl knows it and in this country, people expect to get their money's worth especially if they don't have a lot of money. The other girl is her friend and she is obviously there for me.

I realize now how unpolite from me it was to do half-half with Janela when we went to the restaurant together. Everyone knows Janela is my girlfriend, in their minds we are even going to marry but they see no contradiction. In my mind, I am sure I will not cheat on Janela even though we have not decided on any rules.

It might sound harsh for european minds but isn't it how it also work in europe. They are Kyrgyz of russian origin and it is crystal clear for everyone what is the goal of the night. I am amazed how the religious extremism of Kyrgyzstan contrasts with a sexual liberalism ten years ahead of western europe.

Except that in europe it is way more expensive and in Kyrgyzstan the girl is expected to deliver. One of the girls already knows Chingiz, she is kind of his casual mistress.

I suggest that we could still buy the girls some more chips because they looked hungry but Chingiz throws me a surprised look: "what for? Adlet is the fourth richest man in town and he has a car.

" Yeah, everything is calculated and has a purpose. He comes with his car fulll of guys, about four of them.

Turns out I was right, cheating on their wives has become a tradition as common as drinking tea.

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And so far, with its corrupt cops, liberated girls, weed, guns, gangs and alcohol, Kyrgyzstan has been nothing like america but everything like an american movie.

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