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Now you may ask what's the big deal but in the past she always wore a robe or wrapped a towel around her bottom around me as she left the pool.

Today was different, very different and I was pleasantly surprised.

Any man with a gorgeous sexy daughter, sister, aunt or even mother is lying if he says he has never had sexual thoughts or fantasies about them.

Most dare not act out on those fantasies in fear of rejection or being caught in the act of incest.

I noticed too that if my wife wasn't home, she was just a bit more daring with her choice of clothing, or should I say with her choice of less clothing.

It would be nothing for her to prance by me in a loose fitting night shirt and only a pair of sheer skimpy panties.

Her hips have widened, her sexy butt is perfectly formed and she is slowly shaping into a very beautiful young woman.

This was the start of my problem as although my wife is still very attractive, I found myself starting to take notice of my own daughter in a sexual way.


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Erin's pussy mound was encased by the thin yellow frabric of her bikini but it was the ultimate sexual sight for me.She is very thin, with not an ounce of fat on her sexy little body.My daughter has this gorgeous mature woman model face.Here she was standing in the kitchen looking in the frig for a drink, bending over slightly as I entered the room.