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Among other things, we have a good overview of our build status on each branch: And also an overview of what our buildslaves are doing: We can see a detailed breakdown of a build or test process: And we have a nice test report to help us when tests fail: Katana’s architecture has grown in complexity, but we have been mindful of what elements are important to us.Katana architecture now looks more like this: In general we have seen vast improvements in: Overall, I consider Katana a roaring success — both in terms of the improvements it has brought to R&D at Unity and also as a shining example of how to leverage the power of open-source tools.It was now September of 2012, and, luckily for me, we had just expanded the Build Engineering team at this time with a new hire — Maria — who already had previous experience working with Buildbot.

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We ended up needing to do some work in our buildsystem (e.g., work around the fact that Python stores internally, and lists, environment variables all in upper-case) and our test frameworks (e.g., make all tests output a standardized XML file containing test results that we could parse) here and there.

The next phase of the project involved doing a feature comparison between Buildbot and Team City and an initial attempt to gather requirements for a system that could be used in production as a Team City replacement.