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20-Oct-2017 21:30

Humans have a fundamental need to belong and a fundamental desire for social status.As a result, our brains treat information about ourselves like a reward.He described it as being: 'All about how do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible?'To do this, the user had to be given: 'A little dopamine hit every once in a while because someone liked or commented on a photo or a post…and that's going to get you to contribute more.'Parker continued: 'It's exactly the kind of thing that a hacker like myself would come up with because you're exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology…

Gambling is addictive because you don't know how many bets you will have to make before you win.

The interim report found that 2,409 children and young people were confirmed victims between August 2010 and October 2011. of sexual exploitation between April 2010 and March 2011.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg also defended the report.

In an article for The Conversation, Simon Mc Carthy-Jones, Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology at Trinity College Dublin, looks at how these sites are manipulating our behaviour, and how we can take back control. Machines, using data from our digital footprint, are better judges of our personality than our friends and family.

Social media addiction is becoming more and more common, with 5 per cent of teenagers considered to have 'significant levels of addiction-like symptoms'. Soon, artificial intelligence, using our social network data, will know even more.Sue Berelowitz, deputy children’s commissioner for England, claimed groups of men use ‘menus of girls’ and warned that it was ‘rare’ to find abuse cases where technology such as mobile phones and computers were not in some way connected.This includes encouraging girls to swap sexually explicit images on mobiles, adults grooming children on social networking sites such as Facebook, and the viewing of extreme or violent pornography and discussing it during sexual assaults.Children understand social dominance from as young as 15 months and networking sites prey on our need for social status and reputation (stock image)How can you live the life you want to, avoiding the distractions and manipulations of others? The 21st-century challenge will be how to live when others know us better than we know ourselves. There are industries dedicated to capturing and selling our attention – and the best bait is social networking.

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