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Marcus London worked as a barman in his younger years and later managed and ran his own strip clubs. Marcus married with another porn star, Devon Lee, in 2007 in Las Vegas.They had known each other for 8 months, and originally met in the Cheesecake Factory.The Game chronicled his 2 years of conquests that included bedding the crème de la crème of LA and famously chatting up the likes of Courtney Love and Britney Spears.Following the success of The Game, he founded Stylelife Academy where he continues teaching the secrets of modern day game to AFCs the world over.Not since the mid-1990s – a time when our deficit represented nine per cent of GDP, a time of credit downgrades, when the Wall Street Journal called Canada an “ ” – have Canadians identified the deficit and government spending as one of the in the country today.Marcus London is a famous British porn star with about 120 movies to his name.He says he had never thought of marrying a girl before but he realized that Devon was so cool and he didn't think he'd every meet anyone like that again - this changed his mind.

So where are the likes of Neil Strauss, Mystery and Ross Jeffries now? If you’re looking to raise your game to the next level, look no further – we present you the finest talents all together in one place.You’re guilty of further sand burying if the name ‘Mystery’ doesn’t ring a bell.Mystery (Erik Von Markovik) is the inventor of modern day game and wrote The Mystery Method.The rest of the women were thanks to a very active sex life while he was young working as a barman, and due to his later active open sex lifestyle (swinger clubs etc.).

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He has been in a relationship with porn actress Devon Lee since 2006 and they got married in 2007. The information in this coach profile and wiki is verified by Dating Skills Review's Editors to be as objective, complete and close to the truth as possible. Help us improve this profile of Marcus London by sending us any information you believe to be missing, wrong or lacking detail or good quality images we don't have.

He continues to teach these unique techniques to scores of men and despite now being in his 50s, he doesn’t seem to have any problem picking up the ladies. If you haven’t heard of Neil Strauss and his famous book: The Game, then you’ve had your head buried in the sand like an ostrich.

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