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The fourth impact that Eyler explains is the transformational aspect of Service-Learning.

Students who participate in service are can be likely to develop different ways of thinking and approaching life.

Beyond that, students may be transformed in the way of developing better problem solving skills to address those problems about which they now know.

A Service-Learning experience may be the catalyst in the life of a student to dive into the complexities of the social issues they have encountered and to seek to develop innovative solutions.

According to Eyler and Giles, "Placement quality refers to the extent that students in their community placements are challenged, are active rather than observers, do a variety of tasks, feel that they are making a positive contribution, have important levels of responsibility, and receive input and appreciation from supervisors in the field." According to their research, placement quality has measurable effects on such things as "personal development outcomes," "increased leadership and communication skill," and connection to community, faculty, and other students. when they state: "learning occurs through a cycle of action and reflection, not simply through being able to recount what has been learned through reading and lecture." Some higher education programs require a reflection component in their service-learning classes.

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These five by-products of learning, as Janet Eyler outlines, are important to the progression of learning in Service-Learning. Giles Jr., who conducted nationwide studies on service-learning, factors which influence its impact on students include placement quality, duration, and reflection. For many advocates of the pedagogy, reflection may symbolize the learning that occurs in the student. Giles provide an example of this opinion in their book, Where's the Learning in Service-Learning?It may be a Service-Learning course that impacts the students’ frame of thinking, while transforming the community as well.Finally, the fifth impact of learning is finding citizenship in our communities.Reflection may be done individually or as a group activity.

Wartburg College in Indiana published a list of reflection activity suggestions on their website.

She writes that much of the knowledge that students have is not self-consumed, but rather developed from training attained from the classroom and from daily life.

SCTCI think that students should be required to do a community service project before they graduate. Besides their graduation project, I think that it would be great.… continue reading »

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