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01-Jul-2017 18:53

Remember how I said we talked about spending our future together after high school?Well I said that because his plans after high school are exactly like mine.Yet at time I still can’t stop thinking about what could’ve been with Kylan, I should stop thinking about him with intimate feelings like that it’s not healthy considering that I’m dating someone who I openly love. Kylan will always be my best friend though he’s someone other than my boyfriend I can trust with my deepest secrets, that's all we are, Best friends, no one can replace Kylan, just like no one can replace Emanuel.They’re both very special to me, I’d do anything for both of them.We both plan on going to IVC, our local community college, and then transferring into UC Davis with their new student transfer program.

Obviously I don't want him to be a different person or ask too much of him, but being a little and dating someone who doesn't get it at all is super upsetting sometimes. 💗 Like Chelsea said, maybe you need to educate him about the lifestyle and the fact there's a lot more to it than just what happens in the bedroom There's no reason to be critical of him yet, because he might just not know.I've talked in a baby voice and used little words and have my stuffies with me in front of him before, being in my "little space" which he hasn't figured out has been my little space yet.He's into spanking, hair pulling, light bondage, and outside of sex is even dominating a little bit.I love you Emanuel, and Kylan I hope we become we bestest of friends.

So my boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for 7 months.Seriously, the first time we met since the whole dilemma we had with each other at the first opportunity he gave me a Blowjob.The difference between being sexual with each other now than a month ago is I know this time that’s all it’ll ever be, just a sexual act between two friends.I love him so much, but Kylan is always at the back of my mind.

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