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It REALLY matters what converter you use to make the eboot.

Read Here[/url] for more information on what converter to use.[b]3.90:[/b] Intro movie does not load on the first disc. t=93755" target="_blank"popsloader to run 3.72 pops.3.90: tested on my 3.90 psp and worked perfectly.

-anthall19914.01: Some attacks sound odd but other than that it runs flawlessly.

-anthall1991The first Rocket cinema upon meeting Cid and/or the Gold Saucer date scene may freeze the game. I'm getting the freezes consistently, anthall1991 is not, and we are both running 4.01 M33-2.

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No gameplay issues have been seen while using 3.80 M33 to emulate 3.40, but the sound glitch still occurs at one point, but it does not affect gameplay.If you use Game ID SCUS-94640 it wont freeze after Mama Komodo, but going to character status it will freeze.3.72: Use popsloader to run 3.72 pops.With Game ID SCUS-94640 it wont freeze on character status or the first boss Mama Komodo! Tested on 3.90 M33 -Cheska3.80: Crashed after character is chosen at a blank screen if left too long.

Solution: After chosen character, the screen will go black, immediately press the X button and the game will run normally. SLPS-01222: Freezes once entered police station, same way it does with american version if game id isnt changed. NOTE: Debug menu when pressing select works to change location, including police station.Noticable frame skipping slowdown (video only) in the more detailed 3D environments, like towns.Battles run perfectly, although later spells may change this (unable to test this myself).3.42 3.51: Same as above, but the sound is perfect.3.52 - 3.72: Unplayable!If you do manage to make it to the field screen, save then reset to restore the glitched graphics. Use the new popsloader to run the game under a version that works.3.90: Same problem 3.80 has.

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