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22-Jun-2017 19:42

i am using original the actual game id and i have both discs in one eboot.

By Lord Jovanius4.01: Status screen freezing both with original and 94640. Stuttering mouth animations during the opening sequence; has no affect on gameplay.

NOTE: Upon first trying this pops the game started fine, but I had a black screen when I loaded my save file to the world map. Tested by Milkymoocowmoo using NTSC-U version, 4.01 M33-2Black screen with audio after death (in 2nd stage after extended play time)***UPDATE***3.40 OE-A: The game freezes right after you choose a game mode on the main menu.3.52 M33-4: Same result as the previous version. t=93755" target="_blank"popstation_md (only works on 3.71-4 m33 or higher)3.40: Use Game ID SLPS-01222.

If you use a high version of pops you will get a corrupted save.