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11-Nov-2017 20:07

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After both being back on Oasis for 3 months and both recovering from heartbreak, we found each other!Thanks so much you have changed our lives :) One lonely Sunday night after speaking to some unsuitable men, I was about to delete my profile when a rather handsome chap with sparkling blue eyes and a cheeky smile who had sent me a contact request a couple of days ago, popped up and said HI.Within a couple of hours in each others company we both knew that we were meant for each other.Although we lived 91 miles apart we worked hard at maintaining a long distance relationship which has paid off.The problem is I don’t have a heroine--are you the one I’m searching for? If you prefer to be treated like a lady-- then I’m your man--your German Gentleman.Raised in the South--lived all over the world--but never lost touch with the meaningful things in life!!Well that didnt work out, so off I went again, opened my oasis up, for the third time around lol, And who requested me, Para Bear!

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It just goes to show that we should be more open to variations.Seriously, if you do not like and enjoy kissing, it might be a deal breaker.Extensive tattoos and piercings are not going to get you any points neithr will they loose you any point. If you are a baseball fan and would like to see the Rays, Yankees, Twins, Phillies, Pirates, Tigers, Blue Jays, or any other team which plays in Bradenton during the annual March spring training season we need to talk, Baseball is a passion of mine, and I am heavily invested in supporting the Pittsburgh Pirates and Bradenton Marauders.Although the time and distance was sometimes hard to cope with we both wanted the same thing - each other!!