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05-Dec-2017 22:43

BIACM is a central UI where customers can define the values of data load parameters (i.e., ODI variables), among with many other features offered.ODI variables, which are refreshed in load plans, have their values extracted from BIACM.In the Variables tab, right click on the variables and select ‘Refresh Variable Definition’ so that the variable definition in the LP is synchronized with its real definition.Once this is done, verify that the logical schema is showing CM_BIAPPS11G, and the select statement is showing the embedded SQL in the getcmparam() function.

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The four categories are: Definition: Variables that are not feasible to be refreshed in load plans.

On of the lesser known (and documented) features is the use of VALUELISTOF(NQ_SESSION. As far as I know it’s only available in a session init block.