Oracle bi updating session variables

05-Dec-2017 22:43

BIACM is a central UI where customers can define the values of data load parameters (i.e., ODI variables), among with many other features offered.

ODI variables, which are refreshed in load plans, have their values extracted from BIACM.

Anybody who knows or can guess the name of the variable can use it in an expression in Answers or in a Logical SQL query.

Because of this, do not put sensitive data like passwords in session or repository variables.

A variable can be refreshed in either a package or a load plan.

Assume that, you are using a value 'California' (head office of client) very often in formula of reports or in Expression Builder of BMM layer in repository.

What is the difference between repository variable and session variable in Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. Session variables are of 2 types.… continue reading »

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