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*(link) LEGENDS - the Inuit tell stories about humans and animals * (link) | * (link) | LEMMINGS - look like fat furry hamsters (my web page) | *(link) | *(link) | *(link) LICHENS - flowerless plants that grow on rocks and trees.(my web page) | *(link) MACKENZIE RIVER (Northwest Territories) - is Canada's longest river.Fish food guru Clay Neighbors, the creator of Paradigms formula began studying the ingredients and nutritional analysis of each type of food by making comparison charts.

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* (link) PANA - a snow knife made of antler, used for making blocks when building igloos.* (link) | *(link) QIVIUT - long hair shed by the musk oxen, used for making caps, sweaters and scarves.RAVEN - The Inuit have legends about this big black bird.*(link) INUKSUIT (inuksuk) - stone towers built to look like humans (my web page) | * (link) | * (link) INUKTITUT - the language of the Inuit * (link) | * (link) INUVUALUIT - like the Inuit, they have their own distinct culture *(link) | * (link) INUVIK - a modern city north of the Arctic Circle * (link) | * (link) IQALUIT - capital city of Nunavut * (link) | * (link) KAKIVAK - a spear with nails at the end, for catching fish *(link) | *(link) | *(link) KAYAK - a canoe-like boat used by the Inuit for hunting *(link) | *(link) KLUANE NATIONAL PARK (Yukon) - icefields cover more than half of the park.

*(link)| *(link) KOMATIK - a sledge with wooden runners and crossbars *(link) | *(link) KRILL - tiny shrimp-like creatures that are food for many sea animals.(my web page) | * (link) | * (link) CARIBOU - animal with large antlers (link) | * (link) CARVINGS - are made from soapstone, antlers, ivory, baleen *(link) CLIMATE - the winters are long, cold and stormy with high windchill.* (link) | * (link) CLOTHING - Parkas provided protection and warmth.* (link) | * (link) PLANTS in spite of a short growing season, many plants are able to grow (my web page)| * (link) | * (link) | * (link) POLAR BEAR - large white bear, lives in the Arctic (my web page) | * (link) | * (link) POND INLET - is an Inuit community on Baffin Island.