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There are lots of practice psychometric tests available in books and online, so there is no excuse not to practise.Practising aptitude tests will help you become familiar with the types of questions asked and will reduce your anxiety.Extensive research has shown that actually this is a fairly poor way to pick which candidates are going to be best for the job. The power of psychometric testing is that there is a strong correlation between test scores and job performance, i.e.if you score higly in a psychometric test, the chances are that you are going to perform well in the job.As soon as you find out which company has designed the psychometric test, you can go directly to their website and find out even more information about that specific test, such as the time limit, whether negative marking is being used, and whether they have example test questions.Tip 4: Practice, practice, practice Like most tests, practice can help.If your invitation letter/email does not include any example test questions there’s no harm in asking for some.It’s in the interest of the psychometric test publisher to give candidates an idea of what to expect because that way the test will be measuring your true ability, not how well you cope with stress and confusion.

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Pay careful attention to the online link you get to take your psychometric test and the branding of any test material you get; these will be clues as to which test publisher is behind the psychometric test you are about to sit.

This is also the best stage at which to talk to the employer about any special requirements you have, such as adjusting for a disability.

Tip 2: Take the example questions Included with your invitation letter will often be a short series of example questions to give you an idea of what the test questions will be like.

Psychometric tests are an objective way for recruiters to measure the potential of candidates to perform well in a job role.

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Traditionally recruiters studied your CV and qualifications, and made a decision based on an interview. In fact, many employers use a combination of interviews, assessments and psychometric tests.

Take these example questions seriously; they are your best chance of familiarising yourself with the particular type of psychometric test you are taking.

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