Psychometric testing irish dating website

07-Sep-2017 04:32

The invitation letter will tell you everything you need to know before you take your test; what you will be tested on, why you are being tested and what your results will be used for.Every candidate will get exactly the same letter to make sure the test experience is fair and standardised for everyone.Tip 1: Study your invitation letter Don’t trip at the first hurdle.Before you take your test you should have been given prior notice; this will take the form of either a letter or an email.Pay careful attention to your invitation letter and understand what it asks you to do.

If, after asking, you are still not given any example questions to look at, you can at least take consolation that every other candidate will be in the same situation before their psychometric test.Take these example questions seriously; they are your best chance of familiarising yourself with the particular type of psychometric test you are taking.Make sure you understand these example questions before you start your full psychometric test.The largest is SHL, but others include Saville Consulting, Talent Q, Cubiks, Criterion Partnership, and Kenexa.