Questions to ask someone dating

13-Dec-2017 20:01

By doing them, we ignite a part of our brain that relates to a time in our life when we were relatively carefree.

Back then we didn't have to worry about finding the right job, paying our home loan or getting over a recent addition to our list of exes.

Has single life been handed down to you like a dead fish on a plate? Are you feeling lost, frustrated, angry, hurt, powerless, sad or a combination of all of the above?

If you are still figuring out why it all went to shit from those dreamy first few months together, then here are five essential tips that helped me rise above those sleepless nights and re-discover the joys of starting out all over again.

Does every song on Spotify seem like its directed straight to your weary heart?

Wherever you go, a memory of you and your ex emerges from the archives of your mind only to release the flood gates to a river of tears which feel out of control.

They are less likely to open the telephone book and flip through the yellow pages.

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