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13-Dec-2017 20:01

Whether you love it or hate it, marketing and sales are critical to the life blood of any business. Since it takes upwards of 7 touches to make a sale today, you need to attract them to your product, service, or program in many different ways.

You can make it more fun, if you take the approach that you want to seriously flirt with a growing list of prospects. One critical element you must have in your basket of attraction tools today is a fully developed web presence.

We should never go for more than three days without exercise.

Our bodies were meant to move, so sitting down or lying in bed all day will not help.

The longer you hold in your emotions the longer they will stick around...

just like that annoying drunk guest who won't leave the party after it's over.

Resist the temptation to reach out to alcohol, drugs or any other numbing substances that will only suppress your emotions.

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People are most likely to google for you or your service or the benefit/solution they seek first.

If you are feeling particularly down, take it easy on yourself.

Give your body the time it needs and introduce gentle movement into your daily routine.

On your website: * Build a powerful direct response entity * Make sure your headlines are engaging with a problem/solution approach * Direct their eyes to the one thing you want them to do On your email signature: * Include your business contact information, of course * Promote one thing — a new product, service, newsletter, article, free conference call.

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This is your best and first opportunity to ask everyone to engage with you and your company Develop relationships for referral business — complementary services serving the same market niche and get listed on their websites Include client testimonials — use them in all your printed and online collateral materials.

Even with the internet, you need an arsenal of marketing strategies to reach your prospects and attract them to your product and services. Here are a few ideas which you can do quickly and on a budget.