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Have you ever heard a song about a girl and thought who is she?

Did she ever exist or did the songwriter just make her up?

There is nothing to suggest that it is a personal account or a manifesto on male-female relationships.

The macho lyrics (which have been repurposed and revised from an ancient Blind Willie Mc Tell song) are cartoonish and exaggerated to the point of ridiculousness.

Aesthetics are at least as important to White as they are to Lady Gaga.

This helps to explain how a guy who makes trend-averse, bluesy Americana records has managed to remain a pop star for more than a decade.

Other parallels between White and the film he named his record label (and pre-fame upholstery company! You could, for instance, make a superficial argument about how White tries to cultivate a Lime-like air of intrigue around everything he does.

White is often miscast as a modern-day paragon of “authenticity” in music.

In spite of this, Jack White is not really Harry Lime because, for all his other attributes, he is not innately mysterious. His mysteriousness is intended to attract attention and therefore makes him less mysterious.I don’t think this can be chalked up simply as “Jack White’s Women Problem” — it’s more like a problem.“It’s not enough that I love you / there’s all these things I have to prove to you,” he sings on the tortured piano stomper “Would You Fight for My Love? ” he whines on the rollicking bar-band blues number “Just One Drink.” On the title track, White addresses God as a taciturn woman over one of his signature, start-stop, battering-ram riffs: “She grabs a stick and then she pokes it at me / when I say nothing, I say everything.”were autobiographical. If I say, ‘I want to kill that man that came to my door’ in a song today, by that logic a detective should be calling my house.” He may have a point there. He wrote the beautiful ballad when his wife was pregnant with their first child. Check Indie88next week for Songs with Boy Names in the Title.