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10-Apr-2017 10:02

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And this is crucially important because if we don’t believe everything happens for a reason, then we remain a victim. In fact we feel so powerless that we have to wait for external situations to fix the way we feel about life and ourselves.

This is incredibly fragile, precarious and dependent on things and people that we have no control over, simply because anything outside of our ‘self’ cannot be controlled. There is no denying that narcissistic abuse is one of the most (if not the most) empowering opportunities (via total emotional devastation) to get aligned with your essential Life Truth that will set you free in every area of your life, and not just within relationships.

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I dont know if I remember seeing a thread about this a while ago or not.

Often, horrifically, there is no explanation for the cruel ability to abuse and manipulate you, and then discard, abandon and move on as if and to what avail?

Not to mention the horrific loses that you experienced along the way.

It supplies attention, and the ability for the narcissist to feel incredibly important that you are so affected by what he or she has done.Melanie Tonia Evans is an international narcissistic abuse recovery expert.She is an author, radio host, and founder of Quanta Freedom Healing and The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program.) We won’t spoil it here in case you want to play for yourself in the Steam Workshop 😛 Huge thanks to everyone who participated, and if you enjoyed this contest or have any feedback let us know!

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This created your state of already existing codependency to be highlighted significantly, and allowed you to be abused.