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19-Sep-2017 02:47

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This woman, though she wanted to believe that her lover was a man, was still worried that he might have lied about his gender and they were in a very serious relationship.

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The only difference is that its easier to lie about who we are because it isnt seen as a lie, its seen as protection.

If someone exaggerates who they are in a profile they are not being honest and any relationship that stems from that will lack complete trust and honesty because of these small lies.

For example, if I lied and said that I was tall and blonde in my profile I would question the validity of others profiles because I lied in my own; if I lied about who I was, Im sure that other people lie a well.

Theres no way there can be a strong bond of trust in these types of relationships until the initial face to face meeting because so many people lie about their life off of the internet.

Joe Schwartz believes that people cannot trust each other in a relationship until time has proved that person reliable (Schwartz 124).

This statement, based on the womans statement above, does not pertain to online relationships; couples can be dating for years online without completely trusting each other. Im just hoping that face-to-face I can find a way to spend some time being the online me (Turkle 179).

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