Rowupdating gridview

23-Feb-2018 23:14

Following that, we will look at using declarative and programmatic means for altering the data displayed and the functionality offered by an ASP. Or we could dictate that only users Tito and Bob were allowed, or indicate that all authenticated users except for Sam were permitted.

If the user's browser does not support cookies, or if their cookies are deleted or lost, somehow, it's no big deal – the Note Microsoft's Patterns & Practices group discourages using persistent role cache cookies.This tutorial starts with a look at how the Roles framework associates a user's roles with his security context.It then examines how to apply role-based URL authorization rules. NET to allow only authenticated users to visit a page.The Grid View will include each user's username, email address, last login date, and comments about the user. Row Deleting ' Determine the username of the user we are editing Dim User Name As String = User Grid. One of the easiest ways to confirm an action is through a client-side confirm dialog box.

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In addition to displaying each user's information, the Grid View will include edit and delete capabilities. For more information on this technique, see Adding Client-Side Confirmation When Deleting.

For more information on this security recommendation, as well as other security concerns, refer to the Security Question List for ASP. parameter, as this parameter indicates that the user arrived at the login page after attempting to view a page he was not authorized to view.

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