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It's not like she's hiding it anyway-why does she need to say it? feelings is very important, she doesn't do that in public, as far as I know, because she is not openly lesbian, hiding your sexuality is a very big deal; I'm not against the closet and don't think gays and lesbians shouldn't have biological kids, but not talking about your sexuality honestly is a very big deal.

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We're in the year 2017; why is it even still a big deal? You can Google dozens of images of her and girlfriends holding hands and kissing in very public places, not giving a fuck.

Whishaw is an artsy, actory actor while Garfield... We should just stop hoping for any of the old guard ever coming out and instead give our support to younger out gay actors.[quote]There’s no way an out, gay actor like Ben would be hired for such roles. However, based on his most recent stint on the stage, I would presume that Garfield has the luxury of treading into Whishaw’s “artsy” territory but Whishaw cannot do the same.

And yet, straight actors have no problem getting hired for gay roles and posters get attacked all the time even here on DL for pointing that out. At any rate, the clearly not-straight Garfield won’t be coming out this year.

I'm certain as day that James Franco is gay/bi, but no way on earth is he ever coming out.

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He will continue to beard with the young cute girls and bring them out when in need of positive het-affirming PR.

Will the earth suddenly stop spinning if Queen Latifah were to announce she's a lesbian? If or when she says 'I'MMMMMMMM AAAAAA LESBIAAAAAN?! I'd understand her need to come out if she were hiding it; if she were a hypocrite. In my opinion, home girl is already out, magazines just hasn't published it yet and she hasn't got a book deal for it.