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("This is my office," she says at one point, gesturing toward the New York street on which we're standing.)She developed her eye for street fashion in Paris and was duly impressed when she first saw the fashion-show crowds.That led to experimenting with photography, namely snaps of chic editors she took outside shows.Schuman also mentioned that one of his favorite photographs in the book is actually a shot of an Amish family here in Pennslyvania.Overall he said his goal with his books and blog is to have a record of beautiful portraits of people.But to Doré's dismay, what actually happens is a different story.Her next post, like those of most Fashion Week bloggers, depends on endless hours of camping out at the right time and spot.If it’s not something that I think I’d want to look at again then I don’t know if I’d take the shot or I have to work to take the shot in a way that’s going to inspire me.” What he thinks is the most inspiring city to shoot fashion in?

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Of course, she isn't an outsider, but she's maintained an approach to fashion that's unjaded and honest and therefore eminently relatable.Pair that with a sixth sense for personal style—both her own and that of others—and her intimate pictures accompanied by musings on the appropriateness of short shorts or the beauty of a white shirt become absolutely essential.Born and raised in Corsica, Doré grew up with dreams of illustrating for Disney.A lot of different scenarios, a lot of different places.

I don’t try to say oh I’m going to shoot this particular age category for the blog, for me it’s totally irrelevant how old they are or how young, how rich they are, or how poor.

I think I love shooting in Milan, it’s what I like to call narrow and deep.