Sasunaru dating game part 3

20-Jun-2017 11:51

She nodded slowly and I continued, " I want to take him out on a date, but the only problem is I've never really been out on a date with.. I rolled my eyes and sighed, "Naruto doesn't know I'm here and I'd like it to stay that way please." I paused waiting for some type of response. But why the heck did they ALL have to pick Naruto as that special someone? CHAPTER 1 - BROKEN HEARTS HEAL OVER TIMENaruto was the most happiest person in the hidden leaf village when he started dating Philip two months ago.Too bad he screws up all the time, and everyone Narutoobsessed including Neji to his psycho brother Itachi only thwarts his efforts to seduce him! [YAOI and HET] Sasuke returns to the village at the cost of many sacrifizes from his teammates, but Naruto is the one hurt the most. Now Naruto's been ignoring Sasuke..could Naruto have wished for that has him avoiding Sasuke? Sasuke willingly dies to help remove the demon fox from Naruto, without having confessed the feelings he had.What happens when a simple idea becomes a haunting desire? One-Shot, Shonen-ai Sasu Naru Love is in the air, and everyone seems to be searching for that special someone to spend their life with. Naruto must now struggle with those around him, and the feelings within himself.

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anyone." When I say this I looked up and saw her face full with shock.

When he didn't see anyone he pulled out his ipod and started listening to it.