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Live chat link can be added to timeline pages as a tab using Facebook application “Static HTML: iframe tabs“.Please note that this application allows adding custom tabs only to pages.If you decide to utilize your own IRC: CGI please remember that MOST hosts see connecting to IRC as an additional service for which they charge extra, or as a TOS violation due to the proliferation of file sharing bots passing out warez and pr0n, so installing the CGI on your own host may result in issues.and Chat Host are organizing an arrangement for developing a custom plugin as well as a CGI host package specifically for CGI: IRC.At this point a new page tab called “Welcome” will be added to your page by the static html application.There will be a green button “Edit tab” below the tab name, which will get you into the editing mode. In the tab settings screen you will see a text box for entering the html code for your tab. Basically, if you are familiar with html, you can create a nice page for your Live Chat tab. Copy the Chat Button Code for Facebook Pages from your admin panel at and insert it in the text box as shown in the picture below. In the same screen you can click “Actions“, select “Edit name and image” (shown in the screenshot above) and change the name of the tab from its default “Welcome” to something more appropriate, such as “Live Chat”, “Live Support” etc. Now you can go back to your Facebook page and see what the new tab looks like.This image may be any image you wish to use as a connect button. We are however in negotiations with our host companies and may be able to supply additional chat servers and services in the very near future.Test URL Concerns have been raised in the Word Press forums about exchanging data with an ‘Adult’ server.

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Here is what you need to do to add a live chat tab to your page: 1. In the Search box at the top of the page start typing “Static HTML” and select the application “Static HTML: iframe tabs“ 4.We run a Word Press based CMS on our site and we run an IRC server.Just because we cater to Adult interests (A class of users who more and more are finding themselves in the Minority) doesn’t mean we’re automatically evil.For those of you who can’t admit that you are, in fact human, and think about dating and or sex, let alone connect to an Adult chat server, we have now added the capability of staying AWAY from the Adult server completely and connect to (the same irc server Automatic uses for their chat rooms) through the Child Safe site EVBID. The Freenode CGI application does not run on our servers however you are still free to point the plugin at your own CGI: IRC installation and interface.

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