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31-Jan-2018 21:52

You may only activate ONE of these plugins at a time. You must create or edit a Page or Post in your blog to add the chat button code. [livechat:: Can be any IRC compatible channel name without the leading ‘#’ for instance #Help roomname would simply be listed as [livechat: Help: or the #Sexy Teens room name would be listed as [livechat: Sexy Teens: IRC Channel Name Special Characters such as ! option skin: There are a range of skins available to customize the look of the chat room to match your site, selecting a skin other than any on the below list will revert to the default skin skin:default skin:mirc skin:dark skin:dutch skin:german skin:gothic skin:norwegian skin:romanian skin:russian option image::close The image parameter generates the actual visible button on your site.

When a visitor or member of your blog clicks this image, the chat opens. CORRECT- As of this update we now support Freenode and our Adult Server at irc..

You may only activate ONE of these plugins at a time.

Activating BOTH may cause conflicts in your wordpress. The plugin but no one seemed to like the idea that you actually got something BESIDES free software for your donation.

Tabs cannot be added to your personal Facebook profile.

Here is what you need to do to add a live chat tab to your page: 1. In the Search box at the top of the page start typing “Static HTML” and select the application “Static HTML: iframe tabs“ 4.

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Select your page to which you would like to add the application from the drop-down menu “Facebook Pages” and click “Add Page Tab” 5.In fact one member suggested twice that the plugin be taken down from the repository because of this fact. Actually, the more we think about this, the more upset we get.The single complaint was posted by an expatriot of his own country who raised the concern of data being “Shared with” or somehow “accessed by” our server.We run a Word Press based CMS on our site and we run an IRC server.

XChat is a free and powerful IRC chat program. chat rooms at the same time. Atleast fork the project to have a functional build without the ridiculous.… continue reading »

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