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08-Nov-2017 01:44

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Girl: I don't know Boy: You have to tell me yes or no.

Girl: well lets see Girl: you say you have sex with turkeys. then you wanna eat me out Girl: doesn't that seem strange to you? I won't do it if you don't want me to Girl: I didn't say that Boy: So is that a yes?

Girl: I'm putting you on ignore Boy: Wait a sec Boy: We got off on the wrong foot. Girl: No Boy: I'll eat your [censored] Girl: You'll what? Girl: I'd like to know that the man eating me out is excited yes Boy: Well I'm not like most men.

Girl: I thought you said you couldn't get it hard after seeing my picture Boy: Do I need a hard-on to eat your [censored]?

Boy: I softly suck on your clit bringing it in and out of my mouth.

I feel your [censored] get more moist with every stroke.

Step one: Find a popular "chat room" where you can "real-time net conference," and post a message that subtly lets everyone know you're horny and looking for some of that good cybersex.

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Girl: Hey sorry Girl: I had to do something for my mom. Those 160 characters at your fingertips have the power to bring closeness, heighten intimacy, and multiply the sexual energy between you and that guy you have your eye on.I borrowed this from another forum, but it's just too damn funny so I wanted to pass it on. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This conversation is real. How to say it: If you are not sure what to text, you can always ask him a suggestive question to get his mind thinking dirty thoughts.

Telling a man how sexy you think he is will really turn him on.

For example, you could text him how turned on you are and then text him specifically what you want to do to him.

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