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Art psychotherapy can be beneficial where there are difficulties associated with low mood, depression, anxiety and those struggling to adapt to the impact of life events.

The therapy can be used to deal with issues including bullying, parental separation, bereavement, identity issues, low self-esteem, exposure to domestic violence, neglect, sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

These can be contained, transformed, or symbolically disposed of, through the artwork in a safe and non-destructive way.

Art therapy usually involves some talking however it also relies on non-verbal communication.

These include emotional, behavioural or mental health problems, learning or physical disabilities, life-limiting conditions, neurological conditions and physical illnesses.

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This might be for a wide range of reasons such as a recent bereavement; changes in family circumstances; witnessing difficult things; learning or physical difficulties, or problems with peer relationships.

The common reason children come to psychotherapy is because their parents, foster parents or teacher have noticed a change in their behaviour, which has become problematic.

This behaviour can have many different guises, from the child presenting themselves as withdrawn and shut off to be aggressive towards others or self-harming.

Adults experiencing the following disorders or problems can benefit from treatment: anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, conflict resolution, interpersonal relationship or family problems, learning disabilities, bereavement, eating disorders, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, terminal or chronic diseases, such as cancer and chronic pain alcohol or drug addiction, trauma, including sexual, physical, or emotional abuse.

Art therapy for teenagers, and children Art Psychotherapy is particularly useful for children and young people, as it works with their natural sense of creativity and playfulness.These memories can become trapped and stay stored as sensory memories which are unavailable to our conscious mind.The memories are stored as sounds, tastes, smells, visual images, and feelings.We all experience difficult challenges at some point in our lives - this is normal.