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This treatment can be beneficial for clients of all ages from an array of different backgrounds and experiences.Clients may have a wide range of difficulties, disabilities or diagnoses.Some may be grieving a family member's death or a few may have experienced trauma either recently of during their childhood.The aim of therapy is to enable us to live a more fulfilling life and help us reach our full potential in the face of life's limitations.The common reason children come to psychotherapy is because their parents, foster parents or teacher have noticed a change in their behaviour, which has become problematic.This behaviour can have many different guises, from the child presenting themselves as withdrawn and shut off to be aggressive towards others or self-harming.These include emotional, behavioural or mental health problems, learning or physical disabilities, life-limiting conditions, neurological conditions and physical illnesses.

These experiences often present as feelings of anxiety, stress, depression, and harmful behavioural strategies, which are used to manage negative thoughts and feelings.I provide a safe and confidential setting in which to explore significant life events such as trauma, loss, bereavement, transition, relationship difficulties.I also offer help for those who have had very difficult early lives Because we are all different and depending on what problem you are experiencing, I use a variety of psychodynamic therapeutic skills including, Talking therapy, Art therapy, Couple therapy, EMDR therapy, CBT and DDP techniques.Therapy can help us manage and cope with difficult emotions, including anxiety, depression, and stress. Individuals who benefit from therapy include those who have felt depressed, anxious, overwhelmed or angry for a long time.

Others may be trying to deal with adverse life events such as going through a divorce or feeling overwhelmed by an illness diagnosis that is interfering with their emotional or physical well-being.

These can be contained, transformed, or symbolically disposed of, through the artwork in a safe and non-destructive way.