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And he is one of four Christians taking legal action at a landmark hearing because they believe British laws have failed to protect their human rights to wear religious symbols or opt out of gay rights legislation."It would be unthinkable, for example, for the Commission to support a temperance campaigner who wanted on religious grounds to refuse to treat an alcoholic or a social worker who declined to assist single mothers.

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Depression was the reason cited for the supposed suicide, though most of his friends said Foster gave no indication of being depressed and were shocked when they heard the news.

Patrick Knowlton was a witness in the Vince Foster death, and his dissenting report was appended to Starr's whitewash.

Here is Patrick Knowlton's 1998 tort filing in which his lawyer enumerates a case for Knowlton's civil compensation for the injuries he suffered as a consequence of harassment by Foster conspirators.

Knowlton's two reports are built on charges developed in a civil suit he filed Oct. An amended complaint was filed last October adding defendants and additional information. "We're attempting -- in both these actions -- to prove that there was a cover-up surrounding events in the death of Vince Foster, and, I think, we've pretty clearly done that," Knowlton's attorney John Clarke told World Net Daily.

"It's a cover-up from one end to another." "The current report is more complete than the earlier one," said Clarke.John Clarke, Knowlton's attorney -- who has worked tirelessly on the case -- discussed the significance of today's ruling and the report with World Net Daily, portions of which were provided by fax. "That means it had to be kept secret until a decision was made by the court. "We asked them (the court) for a couple of things," Clarke continued."We asked them to lift the seal as soon as they made their decision, which they did.Knowlton did, however, see a mid-1980s model, rust-brown Honda with Arkansas plates and a blue late-model sedan. Park Service as to what he had seen in the parking lot as soon as word of Foster's death was made public on July 21, but was not contacted for a statement until the following spring.