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The definition overlaps with the grammatical term contraction, but contractions are formed from words that would otherwise appear together in sequence, such as do and not to make don't, whereas a portmanteau word is formed by combining two or more existing words that all relate to a singular concept.A portmanteau also differs from a compound, which does not involve the truncation of parts of the stems of the blended words.The etymology of the word is the French porte-manteau, from porter, "to carry", and manteau, "cloak" (from Old French mantel, from Latin mantellum).It has also been used, especially in Europe, as a formal description for coat racks from the French words porter (to carry) and manteau (cloak).For instance, starfish is a compound, not a portmanteau, of star and fish; whereas a hypothetical portmanteau of star and fish might be stish.Humpty Dumpty's theory, of two meanings packed into one word like a portmanteau, seems to me the right explanation for all.For example, the Hejazi word for "not yet" is لسع/لسه (lessa/lessaʕ), which is a combination of the words لـ (li, for) and الساعة (assaʕa,the hour).Other examples in Hejazi Arabic include: In the Bulgarian language, the most common use of portmanteau is as a part of advertising campaigns.

Many portmanteau words receive some use but do not appear in all dictionaries.

An example of such a combination order is kankamtuy: an order of kanin (rice), kamatis (tomatoes) and tuyo (dried fish). Other examples include variations using a silog suffix, usually some kind of meat served with sinangág and itlog (egg).

The three most commonly seen silogs are tapsilog (having tapa as the meat portion), tocilog (having tocino as the meat portion), and longsilog (having longganisa as the meat portion).

Other silogs include hotsilog (with a hot dog), bangsilog (with bangus (milkfish)), dangsilog (with danggit (rabbitfish)), spamsilog (with Spam), adosilog (with adobo), chosilog (with chorizo), chiksilog (with chicken), cornsilog (with corned beef), and litsilog (with lechon/litson).


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An establishment that specializes in such meals is called a tapsihan or "tapsilugan".

Similarly Eurasia is a portmanteau of Europe and Asia.