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But they’re far from tops in the world -- Greeks consume a whopping 68lbs of cheese a year per person.While the beret was originally worn by early 20th-century peasants in the Basque region and throughout the Pyrenees, artists like Picasso and Dali actually made it famous.Something one might explain to a gynecologist or new lover with a chagrined, "I did that when I was younger." What I once deemed superfluous might rapidly have transitioned into valuable camouflage. When questioned, a friend told me that he'd quit dating a woman because she was too old. Younger women know better." This critique came from a man who qualifies for Social Security and whose back hair could be braided. The woman who thinks she can still pull it off but can't and is the last one to know.I clarified that she was 15 years younger yet he insisted her age was the issue. His opposing view only added to my indecision, so I conducted my own investigation. Always comfortable with my own nudity in the gym locker room, I now imagined the younger women around me catching a glimpse of my hair-free zone and thinking, .

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The game show requires five people to stand in glass boxes, naked, while another contestant critiques their bodies and eventually chooses one to go on a (clothed) date with.For those of you that feel this is distasteful or trite, please don't check out my blog.You'll be completely appalled at the ridiculous things I write about as I document one year of my foray into the jungle of online dating at 50 years old.Just six per cent like a natural look, while a pretty-appalling 30 per cent said the amount of pubic hair a woman could be a deal-breaker.